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06 Dec - #54 Topic: Nothing, just come eat and share in life at Full Out Creative (330 W 38th St Rm 1103) Facilitator/Moderator Team: Admin, but only to serve up some food and drink Notes: N/A Transcript: N/A Resources: N/A

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11 Jan - General Meeting #55 Topic: Happy 2022, How ‘bout You? Facilitator/Moderator Team: Admin - Ebony, Vibecke, Kyle Notes: N/A Transcript: N/A Resources: What are some creative ways to cope or figure out how to move through 2022? What or who has inspired you in effective ways to maneuver through 2022 - creatively, teams, […]

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15 Feb - T3i LAB Good Evening Everyone, I hope this email finds you well. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and the various forms of love that you are able to experience today! Here are the meeting details for tomorrow: Facilitators/Moderators: Tony Castrigno, Yuko Kudo, Rob Laqui & Michelle Kuchuk Presenters: Rob Laqui & Cynthia Tong […]

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22 Feb - General Meeting Hello Everyone, I hope that you all have been able to enjoy some portion of your weekend. I know there's a lot going on constantly, but please remember that rejuvenation and joy are also a part of resistance and revolution. I'm interested in knowing how you all have been celebrating […]

T3i Lab #3 – UPROOTED

Facilitator/Moderator Team: Yuko Kudo, Michelle Kuchuk, Tony Castrigno & Rob Laqui Topic: We are so excited to welcome the creative team of UPROOTED (Our very own Vibecke as EP, the lead producer, DP). Presenters: Lisa Donmall-Reeve - Lead Producer Vibecke Dahle-Dellapolla - Executive Producer Matt Simpkins - Director of Photography   UPROOTED specific questions: -How was creative built? […]

General Meeting #59 – Maggie & Laurel

Good Evening Everyone, Here are the details for Tuesday's meeting at 7pm: Facilitator/Moderator Team: Maggie Keenan-Bolger & Laurel Brewer Topic(s): How to find the right collaborators for your project / theater company? How do you develop/maintain/improve/end collaborator relationships (maintain, improve, end, etc.)? Link to meeting: T3i General Meetings Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 946 […]

General Meeting #60 – Kyle Beckley & Sandy Shelton

Good Morning Everyone, I hope your week is going well so far. Here are the details for tonight's meeting: Moderator/Facilitator Team: Kyle Beckley & Sandy Shelton Topic: Pay to Play - Let's Talk About Paying to Audition Resources: Backstage: Have You Ever Been Asked to Pay to Audition? Project Casting: Audition Scams and How to Avoid Them […]

21 Jun – General Meeting #62 – Yuko Kudo & Maggie Keenan-Bolger

Good Morning Everyone! Here are the details for tonight's meeting: Facilitator/Moderator Team: Yuko Kudo & Maggie Keenan-Bolger Topic  What changes have we witnessed that we want to implement and uplift?  As theatres come back to change, there are many exciting things happening. Those who are embodying the T3i principals and different ways of creating. We want […]