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15 Feb - T3i LAB Good Evening Everyone, I hope this email finds you well. Happy Valentine's Day to you all and the various forms of love that you are able to experience today! Here are the meeting details for tomorrow: Facilitators/Moderators: Tony Castrigno, Yuko Kudo, Rob Laqui & Michelle Kuchuk Presenters: Rob Laqui & Cynthia Tong […]

T3i Lab #3 – UPROOTED

Facilitator/Moderator Team: Yuko Kudo, Michelle Kuchuk, Tony Castrigno & Rob Laqui Topic: We are so excited to welcome the creative team of UPROOTED (Our very own Vibecke as EP, the lead producer, DP). Presenters: Lisa Donmall-Reeve - Lead Producer Vibecke Dahle-Dellapolla - Executive Producer Matt Simpkins - Director of Photography   UPROOTED specific questions: -How was creative built? […]